John Haney | Grapple, 2016
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Grapple, 2016

graple n also grapelin, grapenel, graypnel…. Light anchor to moor small boats and fixed or stationary fishing gear; also attrib. (Dictionary of Newfoundland English)


It is at first the word that fathoms, innocent

of objects, to the sea bed bed rock rock bottom of meaning

which in this case is the thing that must retain


its capability to

grapple: that which fathoms, innocent of

objects to the object of


our verbs …

(from Variations on a Grapple, by Amanda Jernigan [Daubers Press, 2016])


Grapple is a series of 29 palladium prints, contact-printed from 8″ by 10″ negatives, on rag paper.